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My Sister Pauline, called Home Too Soon.

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane , I would walk right up to heaven and bring you back again.

The greatest gift our parents gave us..was each other.

If I had a flower for every memory I have with you, I could forever walk in my garden.

Rest In Peace knowing how much I love you!!

All I ask is that you remember me at the alter of God.


A sundown splendid and serene,
A sister’s kiss upon your cheek,
A timeless moment when you are thanked,
You smile but cannot speak.
Such gifts are rich beyond compare,
And compensate for grief and care.
We lost a very special sister and best friend the day you were called home so suddenly and without warning..
Loved with a love beyond all telling,
Missed with a grief beyond all tears.
Goodnight and God Bless Pauline I love you and miss you so much…xxx

Re-united with her loving parents and brothers Peter and John, sister Patrica. Missed by her loving husband Peter also daughter Susan and Ebony her granddaughter,  son Anthony, and Grandsons.. Not forgetting  Brian and Granddaughter Julie.

All of you Rest In Peace!


Sumatran Tiger Killed Because..

…What idiots!!

Sumatran tiger killed and hung after Indonesian villagers feared it was ‘shapeshifter’.

The critically endangered big cat was slaughtered and hung up on display after locals feared it was a supernatural shapeshifter.

A Sumatran tiger was killed and disembowelled by a remote Indonesian community because villagers thought it was a supernatural creature.

The critically endangered big cat, of which there are fewer than 400 remaining in the wild, was slaughtered and hung from a ceiling after residents feared it was a shapeshifter.

Some followed the animal to its jungle lair where it attacked the group on Sunday, leaving two people with serious injuries.

Conservation officials had warned villagers in Hatupangan, in north Sumatra, not to hurt the animal, which had been spotted around the village for several weeks.

But their appeals were ignored.

“Unfortunately they would not listen. They insisted on killing the tiger,” local conservation agency head Hotmauli Sianturi said, adding that a conservation officer was stopped from protecting the animal.

“After killing the animal, the locals hung up its body for display. It’s very regrettable.”

Shapeshifter: In mythology, folklore and speculative fiction, shapeshifting is the ability of a being or creature to completely transform its physical form or shape.

Sunita Patel-Carstairs, News Reporter

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